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Welcome to the USS Cogswell DD651 Association Website

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Welcome to the USS Cogswell DD-651 Association website.  This website is used to communicate with our members as well as provide information to other interested parties.

            The site contains areas that the public can access as well as those areas that are password protected for use by our active members only.  For a list of those who qualify for membership in our Association, please review the Association Bylaws.  We not only welcome former crewmembers of the USS Cogswell but we are seeking family members of former crewmembers who want to join the Association.  If you are qualified to join, open and print the Association membership form and either e-mail or send USPS to the address listed in the form.

            Our Association has a bi-annual newsletter and a reunion every 18 months in different parts of the continental U.S.  Our next reunion is in Colorado Springs Co., October 10-13, 2017.  For more information on the reunion or any other questions you may have, please send an e-mail to


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